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PV Containerized Substation

The PV containerized substation is a pre-Prefabricated booster substation integrating a low-voltage switchgear system, a high-voltage switchgear system, transformers, and auxiliary equipment. It collects and boosts power from multiple solar photovoltaic arrays and transmits it to the grid. This product, employing advanced power distribution technology and intelligent technology, supports remote operation and maintenance management. It can be applied to large solar PV fields in complex outdoor environments and high-altitude regions, consistently delivering clean and green energy to households.
  • Features
  • Application field
  • Voltage level: 0.4kV/12kV

    Product features:

    1.Standard size shipping container are available

    2.Large transmission capacity, enabling remote operation management

    3.Full insulation and radiation protection, alongside superior heat dissipation performance

  • Utility-scale solar photovoltaic fields, complex outdoor environments, and high-altitude areas.