Technical Transformation and Upgrade of Power Equipment

With the continuous application of high technology in switchgear industry and increasing demand for power reliability from users, traditional switchgear with high maintenance costs and low safety performance are unable to meet power supply demands. Therefore, our company focuses on creating solutions for power system renovation and upgrade projects. This involves adding equipment or replacing certain damaged or aging components of the power system such as transformers, lines, and generators to increase load capacity, improve power supply quality, extend equipment lifespan, and enhance system efficiency..

Main contents include:

1. By integrating Minghan Electric's intelligent transformation and power distribution system's software and hardware technology, the entire transformation and power distribution system is intelligently upgraded and renovated. This approach meets the requirements for unattended and remote intelligent programmatic operations, enhancing power supply reliability while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

2. Key power transformation and distribution system components like circuit breakers and relay protections undergo routine upgrades and replacements. Additionally, system communication protocols are persistently refined. These upgradations enhance the operational efficiency of switchgear equipment, extend their service life, and provide a greater level of safety.

3. The capacity of the transformer and distribution system can be adjusted to meet requirements more effectively.