Leakage Fire Alarm System

The ElecSafe leakage fire alarm system is a product that combines electrical fire monitoring and energy management. It utilizes advanced dynamic threshold detection technology, intelligent temperature measurement technology, and fieldbus communication technology, to receive signals from residual current and electrical fire detectors, among other field devices. This allows for industrial-grade hardware/software systems that provide alarm, monitoring, control, and management of the protected electrical circuits.

 Typical Architecture Design


        The ElecSafe electric leakage fire alarm system monitors parameters such as leakage current and temperature.

 Software Function Integration


        The system interface is intuitively designed, user-friendly, well-structured, reliable, feature-rich, and straightforward to maintain.

 Hardware Equipment




The ElecSafe leakage fire alarm system finds wide application in diverse settings such as rail transit, city and highway tunnels, subways, undersea tunnels, underground garages, power, petrochemical industries, large and

medium-sized hospitals, campuses, and city building groups.