General Contracting of Electric Power Projects

Fujian Shonshan Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

Fujian Shonshan Power Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the construction of power transmission lines and substations for voltage levels of 110 kilovolts and below, as well as comprehensive contracting services for power engineering projects. This includes various types of power generation projects like thermal, hydropower, nuclear, wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources. Our expertise also extends to their respective transmission, distribution, and supporting engineering projects.

Our comprehensive power engineering turnkey services range from preliminary power application, scheme design, equipment procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning, to final completion and handover. Our primary objective is to deliver a project that fulfills operational functionalities, complies with usage conditions, and aligns with local power supply department's regulatory standards.

Through years of cultivation, our company has cultivated a team of senior engineers and technical professionals who have extensive experience in power installation  and operations. 

We are equipped with a comprehensive electrical equipment laboratory, a wide range of testing and debugging instruments, and state-of-the-art electrical installation and maintenance equipment. We are committed to providing safe, high-quality, and efficient services to our customers, taking full responsibility for each power engineering project we undertake, and striving to create exceptional work.