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Static VAR Generator

The Static Var Generator (SVG) is a device that incorporates a self-commutated bridge circuit with the power grid via impedance. This mechanism allows for the adjustment of the phase and amplitude of the output voltage, or direct control of the alternating current. As a result, the circuit actively produces the necessary reactive current to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation.
  • Features

  • 1.The system provides various compensation modes, including reactive power, three-phase imbalance, harmonic (optional), and capacitor switching control (optional). It can execute all these compensations concurrently and permits setting the ratio of reactive power, three-phase imbalance, and harmonic compensation capacity, effectively addressing the problem of energy quality in low-voltage distribution;

    2. This system can compensate for reactive power, whether inductive or capacitive, in a dynamic and seamless manner Post-compensation, the system power factor is always greater than or equal to 099

    3. Compensation for three-phase imbalance; post-compensation, the system's three-phase active current imbalance is reduced to less than 5%

    4. Furnished with harmonic compensation functionality, facilitating simultaneous filtering of 2 to 50 harmonics or as configured

    5. It can compensate for specific harmonic times up to 60% of the device's rated capacity