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LAD700 device
Leakage Fire Detection

The LAD700 Series Electric Fire Monitoring Detectors amalgamates multiple functions such as residual current, temperature detection, early warning, alarm, and communication. In case of an electrical accident, the detector promptly issues an alarm, thereby enabling staff to inspect and rectify the malfunction while mitigating potential electrical risks and averting accidents.
  • Features
  • Application field
  • 1. Real-Time Monitoring

    It allows real-time monitoring of operational parameters like residual current in the controlled circuit, with a real-time display

    2. Alarm Protection Function

    The system is capable of detecting the residual current of the loop, providing audio and visual signals if the limit is exceeded It can disconnect the power supply circuit within a specified time frame (with a setting for non-disconnection) to ensure electrical safety

    3. Early Warning Function

    It features a warning function; when the residual current in the controlled circuit reaches the preset warning value, a warning signal is emitted. Operators can promptly address abnormal conditions in the main power distribution circuit, reducing unnecessary tripping and preventing faults

    4. Communication Function Support

    Equipped with an RS485 communication interface, the system supports the MODBUS RTU protocol and can integrate with the power fire monitoring system to enable remote management, maintenance, and control

  • Power systems, environmental monitoring, industrial automation, building automation, as well as medium and low voltage power transformation and distribution