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Control Cabinet

In low-voltage power grid systems operating at a rated working voltage of 0.4KV AC and a frequency of 50/60Hz, these systems act as control and protection for fire pumps, sewage pumps, fire fans, fans, and lighting power distribution. We provide a range of control methods including direct control start, star-delta reduced voltage start control, autotransformer reduced voltage start control, frequency converter start control, soft start control, and more.。
  • Features
  • Parameter
  • Application field
  • LTD - 1/2/3

    1 (Key functions include ): K-Normal Control, F-Frequency Control, S-Soft Start Control

    2 (Usage place): N - indoor and W - outdoor

    3 (Installation method): G - wall-mounted and D - floor-standing

  • Compliance is maintained with standard GB725112-2013

    The rated current of the main busbar (InA): 10A to 800A

    The main busbar's rated short-time withstand current (Icw): 10kA to 50kA

    It operates at a rated voltage (Ue) of 400V or 380V

    The rated insulation voltage (Ui): 690V to 1000V

    Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

    Protection levels of the enclosure: IP30, IP40, IP41, and IP42

  • Water supply, water conservation, agriculture, geology, environmental protection, industry, engineering, construction, and more for intelligent management and remote automated control.