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Precision Power Distribution Cabinet

The precision power distribution cabinet is a smart cabinet that collects all energy data at the end of the data center room. High-precision measurement data is provided for the terminal energy monitoring system, displaying real-time power quality data through the display unit. Data can be uploaded to the background environmental control system through digital communication. It enables real-time monitoring and effective management of the entire power distribution system.
  • Features
  • Parameter
  • Application field
  • 1.Comprehensive monitoring system

    2.Advanced alarm function integration

    3.High precision with a wide range

    4.High performance, high integration

    5.Intelligent system monitoring capabilities

    LTDi - P+1/2

    1. (Usage place): N - indoor and W - outdoor

    2 .(Installation method): G - wall-mounted and D - floor-standing

  • Compliance is maintained with standard GB725112-2013

    The rated current of the main busbar (InA): 10A to 800A

    The main busbar's rated short-time withstand current (Icw): 10kA to 50kA

    It operates at a rated voltage (Ue) of 400V or 380V

    The rated insulation voltage (Ui): 690V to 1000V

    Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

    Protection levels of the enclosure: IP30, IP40, IP41, and IP42

  • sectors with high demand for power supply reliability and uninterruptible power supply, such as telecom, finance, government, IT's IDC data centers, and industrial enterprises