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PLC Control Cabinet

The PLC control cabinet is equipped with protection functions such as overload, short-circuit, and phase loss protection. It features a compact structure, stable performance, comprehensive functionality, scalability, and strong anti-interference capability. It enables equipment automation and process automation control, facilitating seamless network functionality. When paired with a human-machine interface or touchscreen, it allows for easy operation and achieves control and monitoring. The PLC control cabinet serves as the core and soul of modern industry, enabling control and monitoring of various processes. It can be configured according to the size of the control requirements. It can be used for standalone control in a single cabinet or multiple cabinets can be connected through an industrial fieldbus network to form a distributed control system.
  • Features
  • Application field
  • 1. Data collection and processing of the process flow within the station

    2. Monitoring of the operation status of various process equipment

    3. Process instrument data within the station is under surveillance and alarm

    4. Dynamic display includes process flow, parameters, and alarms

    5. Data processing and storage

    6Real-time and historical trend curves available

    7. Adjustments and control are applied within the technological process

    8. Logic control and interlock protection

  • PLC control cabinets are designed to suit various scales of industrial automation control needs. It finds extensive use in industries such as power, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, environmental sewage treatment, etc.

    Typical applications:

    Its applications are extensive and include constant pressure water supply, air compressors, fan pumps, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, belts, elevators, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, production lines, and more.

    Main brands:

    ABB, Siemens, AB, Huichuan, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, HollySys, Zhejiang University Zhongkong, Yonghong, Delta, and others.