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Smart Self-controlled Capacitor

The KRD Intelligent Self-control Power Capacitor represents our third-generation offering, built on years of design, research, and practical experience in reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Possessing full independent intellectual property rights, it can replace traditional reactive power compensation devices and finds wide application.
  • Features
  • Application field
  • Function: Dynamic reactive power compensation at a fixed value

    1. The system performs reactive power compensation and harmonic cancellation, enabling power equipment to operate at peak efficiency and minimize grid losses

    2. It performs reactive power compensation, reducing voltage loss and preventing grid overload

    3. The system can eliminate fines arising from high reactive power loss.

  • Communication (UPS and switching power supply, etc.), construction industry (induction cooker, LED, etc.), petrochemical industry (industrial inverter), rail transit (inverter, UPS, energy-saving lamp, etc.), steel smelting industry (electric arc furnace, etc.)