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Intelligent Power Distribution& Management Terminal DTU (distributed)

The IDT800plus-FA series of Distributed Power Automation Terminals utilize advanced digital signal processing technology, high-speed industrial network communication technology, embedded industrial chipsets, and multitasking real-time operating systems. These terminals are esteemed for their stability, reliability, real-time performance, wide environmental compatibility, and robust functionality. In conjunction with outgoing switch, branch switch, etc., the device can accomplish fault elimination and fault recovery of the power distribution line. Microcomputer-based power distribution automation remote terminal equipment that integrates telemetry, telecommunication, telecontrol, protection, and communication functions The IDT800plus-A, a unit designed for the automation of distributed power distribution for the national grid, is tasked with data collection from interval units. This system communicates with the central station to collect and upload necessary information.
  • Features
  • Application field

  • 1. Each partition unit is independently installed in the distribution cabinet, with public units forming a distinct panel

    2 .It supports optical fiber differential and network backup automatic switching function

    3. It supports IoT MQTT, IEC61850 protocol.

  • Indoor ring main units, switchgear substations, dedicated transformers, power distribution rooms, etc