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Intelligent Management Terminal for PV Containerized Substation

The intelligent management terminal (IDT800Plus-S) is developed by Minghan Electric specifically for remote management and automated control of photovoltaic step-up containerized substations. It can establish communication and data collection with multiple superior combiner boxes simultaneously, meeting the operational management requirements of "unmanned operation and minimal human intervention" for photovoltaic power stations or wind farms. This device can real-time collect various parameters and video images, reducing on-site maintenance work and ensuring personal safety. In case of abnormal situations, the device can promptly upload fault information for alarm or tripping, avoiding further escalation of faults and minimizing direct losses to the containerized substation equipment.
  • Features
  • Application field
  • Voltage level:  35kV and below

    Product features:

    1.Full power collection and environmental data collection

    2.Comprehensive functions of measurement, control, and fault protection

    3.Records the full process of fault recording

  • Rremote and automated management of PV containerized substation, aligning with the operational and management strategy of "unmanned operation and minimal human intervention" at photovoltaic locations