Minghan shares digital power distribution technology at the 3rd Shenzhen National Power Transmission and Distribution Industry Forum

Release date:2021-4-9 17:46:48 View:803

       On April 9, 2021, The 3rd Shenzhen National Power Transmission and Distribution Industry Forum opened in Venus Royal Hotel in Shenzhen. The forum was co-sponsored by the Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Intelligent Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Industry and Shenzhen Electric Power Industry Association, under the assistance of over 10 companies including Minghan. More than 400 experts, scholars, enterprise leaders and industry professionals from South China Energy Regulatory Office of National Energy Administration, China Southern Power Grid, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, industry associations of other cities, OEMs and power engineering enterprises attended the forum, setting a new record high in the number of participants.

        At this forum, 15 top professionals from Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, China Southern Power Grid, State Grid and manufacturing enterprises shared cutting-edge technologies and development trends of the industry. Mr. Han Ren, Chairman of Minghan, made a report titled Digital Primary and Secondary Equipment Integration Terminal System at the forum, and shared his views on the functional characteristics and practical application of digital distribution platform system, station terminal system, sensor, intelligent device and network communication.

        In the discussion process, many industry professionals discussed with technicians of Minghan about the details, implementation methods, application scenarios and development trends of digital power distribution technology. Minghan's topic on digital power distribution attracted wide attention and interest among the attendees.