Shishi Taihe Square

Release date:2023-4-11 14:09:34 View:613
Shishi Taihe Square

Project site: No.339 Baodao Middle Road, Shishi City, Quanzhou

Shishi Taihe Square, located in the central area of Shishi City, is only a few hundred meters away from the municipal government, Shishi No.1 Middle School and Guihu Park, boasting convenient transportation and complete supporting and utility facilities. The total planned land area of the project is 68,488 square meters, of which 52,782 square meters can be used, and the planned total construction area is 438,331 square meters.

It consists of five high-end formats: high-end commercial center, international style block, sunken plaza, high-end SOHO and luxurious large flat-floor official residence. Upon completion, it will become the top business circle of Shishi, change the business status of Shishi and become a business card of Shishi City.

We undertook the power distribution equipment supply and testing and full power delivery for the center. We are upgrading the LV cabinet in their generator room to make its emergency power supply more reliable and safe.